Our Policies




Environmental Policy


Hutchison Catering are committed to waste reduction and recycling applying to all environmental aspects of the activities undertaken by the Company. The Company will actively seek to limit the environmental impact of our operations and pursue the enhancement of environmental quality within our areas of influence. As part of its overall commitment to the environment, this statement identifies waste reduction as a key environmental and business objective.

This policy is designed to provide a framework for avoiding unnecessary use of materials and products, limiting waste generation and encouraging the reuse and recycling of materials in all areas of the business. Our primary aim is to avoid production of unnecessary waste and to ensure that such wastes as are generated are managed in accordance with legal requirements for production, handling, storage, record keeping and final disposal.

We will identify and quantify the major waste streams within Hutchison Catering and develop a waste management strategy setting targets for waste reduction and for the re-use or recycling of specific materials and products such as green waste. Where practicable and environmentally beneficial, the company will seek to use recycled materials and products such as paper, and we will support the use of easily recyclable materials in preference to those that are not.

We will establish links with other relevant organisations and local communities to establish opportunities for co-operative working towards waste reduction and recycling and will encourage joint initiatives in this area.

We will review annually our performance against these principles as part of our overall commitment to environmental achievement.


Human Rights Policy Statement

We are committed to protecting the human rights of all our colleagues and of everyone who receives direct or indirect services from us. As a responsible, ethical organisation, we fully support the principles of the Human Rights Act and all associated legislation.

Our responsibility for human rights encompasses:

Our operating sites — we will uphold the human rights of all employees, visitors and contractors at our offices, staffed schemes, distribution centres and community facilities

Our supply chain — it is our aspiration to ensure that working conditions throughout our supply chain meet internationally accepted standards of human rights and working conditions.

This policy statement has been developed with reference to the following documents:

The Human Rights Act 1998

The Modern Slavery Act 2015

The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code

Human Rights At Home: Guidance for Social Housing Providers

Key principles

Child Labour

We will not employ workers under the legal minimum age for work as stipulated by the Employment Act 2008.

Forced Labour

We will not make use of any forced labour or debt-bondage labour in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


We will not discriminate against any person based on their protected characteristics and will uphold Article 14 of the Human Rights Act 1998 in respect of protection from discrimination.


We will not employ, or allow to be employed, any form of corporate punishment, physical coercion or verbal abuse. Any disciplinary matter will be dealt with through formal procedures.

Working Hours

Working time directives will be adhered to as per the Working Time Regulations 1998 with opt-out clauses publicised to staff.


Wages paid for standard working hours will meet or exceed national minimum wage or living wage levels as appropriate.




Our suppliers The Directors and management of Hutchison Catering Ltd, located at Yours Business Network, Metro Riverside Park, Gateshead, NE11 9DJ are within the context of its Information Security Policy committed to compliance with all relevant UK and EU laws in respect of personal data, and to protecting the “rights and freedoms” of individuals whose information Hutchison Catering Ltd collects in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To that end, the Directors have developed, implemented, maintains and continuously improves a documented personal information management system (‘PIMS’) for Hutchison Catering Ltd.
The scope of the PIMS taking into account organisational structure, management responsibility, jurisdiction and geography. The PIMS may include taking the whole of Hutchison Catering Ltd or a defined part of Hutchison Catering Ltd.
Objectives of the PIMS
Hutchison Catering Ltd’s objectives for the PIMS are that it should enable Hutchison Catering Ltd to meet its own requirements for the management of personal information; that it should support organisational objectives and obligations; that it should impose controls in line with Hutchison Catering Ltd’s acceptable level of risk; that it should ensure that Hutchison Catering Ltd meets applicable statutory, regulatory, contractual and/or professional duties; and that it should protect the interests of individuals and other key stakeholders.
Hutchison Catering Ltd  is committed to complying with data protection legislation and good practice including:

  • processing personal information only where this is strictly necessary for legitimate organisational purposes;
    collecting only the minimum personal information required for these purposes and not processing excessive personal information;
  • providing clear information to individuals about how their personal information will be used and by whom;
    only processing relevant and adequate personal information;
    processing personal information fairly and lawfully;
  • maintaining an inventory of the categories of personal information processed by Hutchison Catering Ltd ;
    keeping personal information accurate and, where necessary, up to date;
    retaining personal information only for as long as is necessary for legal or regulatory reasons or, for legitimate organisational purposes;
  • respecting individuals’ rights in relation to their personal information, including their right of subject access;
    keeping all personal information secure;
  • only transferring personal information outside the EU in circumstances where it can be adequately protected;
    the application of the various exemptions allowable by data protection legislation;
  • developing and implementing a PIMS to enable the policy to be implemented;
    where appropriate, identifying internal and external stakeholders and the degree to which these stakeholders are involved in the governance of Hutchison Catering Ltd’s PIMS; and
    the identification of workers with specific responsibility and accountability for the PIMS.