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Primary School



Our Food Explorers concept is designed to link nutritious fresh food with fun learning around the farm to fork journey. Our Food Explorer events are planned through out the academic year providing interactivity with new flavour discoveries, healthy eating and worldwide food facts. Designed to engage all stakeholders and drive meal up take we focus on assisting advancement of food education that can be a great value-added tool for lesson plans all at the centre of the Hutchison Catering offer.

Nutrition is at the heart of the menus that we develop at Hutchison Catering. We wholeheartedly aim to provide a balanced diet that is not only nutritious but also engaging with our young customers. We can deliver Food for Life accreditations across schools and Multi Academy Trusts whether this is Bronze, Silver or Gold; we will meet your needs. This means all our meat is Red Tractor, all our fish is sourced from sustainable sources in line with MSC guidelines, eggs are free range, fruit and vegetables come from LEAF accredited suppliers and we also use Fairtrade products wherever possible.

At Hutchison Catering we have developed our very own school meal management system called Appetite, we want our parents engaged in the school meal process during a heightened time of allergy awareness and nutrition. Orders can be made on line at home or classroom based through interactive smart boards. The system allows allergen information to be shared ensuring all dietary requirements are adhered to. Payments can be made by direct debit and card payments. A complete system that supports children, parents and schools.